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Tha Playah – Why So Serious? (Angerfist Remix) It’s difficult to fathom that the original version of this track was released in 2009!  It seems like just yesterday I was still enjoying the original, but we all know time zooms by when you are having fun!  The new and updated Angerfist remix is outstanding!  In … Continue reading MINDCONTROLLER TRACK REVIEWS

Musicoin Snags Top Hard EDM Artists

Musicoin just increased its lead in the music-blockchain race, as several well-known artists on the harder side of the electronic dance music world made their music available on musicoin.org. Most notably, famed South African drum and bass producers, Counterstrike, made available three of their high-energy, metal-infused epics of rolling percussion. Not far behind in the … Continue reading Musicoin Snags Top Hard EDM Artists

Introducing Musicoin to the Music-Producing Friends and Family of The HARD DATA

Recently, The HARD DATA just got a new sponsor, Musicoin. Musicoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin aimed at music producers. Essentially, producers make a profile and upload their tracks to musicoin.org. When listeners play the track, the producer receives 1 Musicoin. Payouts are instant, and the uploader can split the profits between several collaborators if … Continue reading Introducing Musicoin to the Music-Producing Friends and Family of The HARD DATA

Mindcontroller Track Reviews

Noize Suppressor Ft. Angerfist – Back with the Hard Street Sh*t This is an absolute smasher!! What else can you expect from two of the biggest players in the Hardcore scene… This track is all of what good in hardcore.  In my opinion this is the top track on the Legacy of Noize album CD … Continue reading Mindcontroller Track Reviews

Download The Hard Data Issue 9!

Download your free copy of  The Hard Data issue 9 featuring Minus Militia, Angerfist, The Hard Data DJ Team and Deadly Buda Comix part 2! Click the link below. Download Issue 9 of The HARD DATA!