Release Review: eDUB – Right Behind You EP [OBLIVION 006]

Making a debut into some slower industrial, the uptempo monster eDUB shows that he sits right at home at any tempo with his latest release on Oblivion Underground Recordings. “I’m Not The Only One” – This beauty features screaming synths that sit ominously in the background with upfront 2/4 snares that fit in the mix … Continue reading Release Review: eDUB – Right Behind You EP [OBLIVION 006]

Made in Qanada: Crisis Era

With Basscon Wasteland fast approaching, the hype is getting real! The massive announcement dropped by Insomniac is sure to attract the Hardstyle family from near and far to California, eager to celebrate a two day festival with such heavyweight names. From up north, representing the rapidly growing Canadian hard scene, we have Crisis Era. Matt … Continue reading Made in Qanada: Crisis Era

Artist Interview – Mrotek

American artist Mrotek was born to bring a whole new level of madness to dark and extreme music. Throughout his earlier years, deathcore and progressive metal held his creative focus. In 2009, he redirected his sights to Hardstyle music, drawn by it’s powerful sound and high production value. Twenty years of experience in the creation … Continue reading Artist Interview – Mrotek

Strictly for the Head Strong

Dave Asprey should have been a raver. But, back in the early nineties when the rave scene was starting, he was waddling around in a mold-induced, body-and-mind-crippling fog. Neil Strauss, former music writer extraordinaire for the New York Times and Rolling Stone, did make it to a few of those early raves (like Even Furthur … Continue reading Strictly for the Head Strong

The HARD DATA issue 11 Now Available

The Hard Data has just published issue 11, and it is phenomenal. Exclusive interview with the father of hardcore techno, Marc Acardipane, aka The Mover. In his greatest interview since his 1995 feature in Alien Underground, The Mover reveals more than ever about his connection to 2017 and what it means. His early childhood, influences … Continue reading The HARD DATA issue 11 Now Available

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