Fresh NYE 2015-2016 Report by Daybreaker

People from all over the country ring in the new year in a variety of  different ways.  From lighting off fireworks and banging pots and pans to shaking clackers and blowing horns; but this year, I was able to ring in the new year with Hardcore kick drums, uplifting Trance melodies and energetic Drum & … Continue reading Fresh NYE 2015-2016 Report by Daybreaker

Ron D Core Interview

If you care about the West Coast Hardcore scene, then you already know exactly who this man is and if you don’t then it’s time to start paying attention to him. Ron D Core is a 25 year vinyl veteran spinning since 1986 and is the owner and creator of the last record store standing: … Continue reading Ron D Core Interview

DJ Chosen Few Interview

Chosen Few is best known for his key role in the creation of Mokum Records. Ever since 1993 this man has been at the forefront of the origins of Hardcore playing every major event such as Thunderdome, May Day, Nightmare in Rotterdam etc. This interview will help you understand the importance of this man and … Continue reading DJ Chosen Few Interview

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