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Psycore – Cross-subcultural hybrids

Psytrance and hardcore techno are 2 distinct electronic music tribes. Psytrance is typically characterized by psychedelia brought by morphing sounds that make your mind float above the clouds, while the main element in hardcore is an energetic, grounding and distorted kick drum which vibrates through the whole body at a fast pace. The peaceful neo-hippies … Continue reading Psycore – Cross-subcultural hybrids

Acidcorecrew Interview

Acidcorecrew are a Russian underground hardcore and breakcore crew organizing parties in St. Petersburg and most recently in Moscow. After visiting Acidcorefest.Moscowedition I decided to interview Igor (Shotgun Orchestra) to ask more about the crew and the local scene. Who are the Acidcorecrew and how did Acidcorefest start? ACIDCOREFEST and ACIDCORECREW appeared in 2007-2008 and … Continue reading Acidcorecrew Interview

Eni – Interviewed

Eni is a Freestyle DJ from Los Angeles, CA and has played at parties such as Arizr, KTRA LA and Hardstyle Arena, and will be playing at Winterfresh Music Festival on December 3rd. Freestyle is one of the fastest growing genres and is relatively new to the American scene. With Hardstyle and Hardcore getting much … Continue reading Eni – Interviewed

Acidcorefest.Moscowedition – Report by Teknoaidi

Living in Finland, on the north-east edge of the EU, I have the chance to travel to my eastern neighbour Russia easily and I have been doing so since 2010 playing gigs there in various places. Acidcorefest.Moscowedition was held between 23rd and 24th of September and it was my second gig in Moscow. Acidcorefest has … Continue reading Acidcorefest.Moscowedition – Report by Teknoaidi

Trauma One Year Anniversary: All My Expectations Were Broken

It didn’t feel like it we attended Trauma Oldschool for the Headstrong just this time in August 2015. However just this past Saturday marked the one year anniversary for Trauma’s return (formally TR-99) and saying we celebrated accordingly would be an understatement. I started my night off early already knowing what to expect, well at … Continue reading Trauma One Year Anniversary: All My Expectations Were Broken