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Artist Interview – Mrotek

American artist Mrotek was born to bring a whole new level of madness to dark and extreme music. Throughout his earlier years, deathcore and progressive metal held his creative focus. In 2009, he redirected his sights to Hardstyle music, drawn by it’s powerful sound and high production value. Twenty years of experience in the creation … Continue reading Artist Interview – Mrotek

DJ Thera: Five Thumpin’ Tracks you gotta know!

Pieter Heijnen, known for the fans as DJ Thera, is a raw hardstyle DJ and producer. He is also the founder of the famous label Theracords. Son of a musician, he started playing several instruments at an early age, but as he said it himself, he was too stubborn to play in a band, and … Continue reading DJ Thera: Five Thumpin’ Tracks you gotta know!

WARFACE: 5 Raging Tracks RANKED!

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Youri Claessens AKA Warface is a raw hardstyle DJ and producer. In just a few years, his popularity has grown and he became one of the biggest names the industry has seen. He started his journey in 2010, hosting small parties with his friends in his hometown, simply for … Continue reading WARFACE: 5 Raging Tracks RANKED!

Crypsis: The Best 5 Tracks RANKED!

Working under the Minus is More label, Grzegorz Luzynski AKA Crypsis is a Dutch-Polish rawstyle DJ and producer. He was first discovered by the hardstyle legend Luna who took him under his wing and made him the raw hardstyle star he is today. Fascinated by Crypsis’s unique take on hardstyle, Luna suggested a collaboration that … Continue reading Crypsis: The Best 5 Tracks RANKED!

5 Devastating DELETE Tracks!

Ryan Biggs is a name few would recognize, and for a reason! Most know him as Delete, one of the biggest raw hardstyle artists out right now. DJ and producer, this Aussie has been involved in the rawstyle scene since its inception in the early 2000s. His unique signature, original sounds and inventive take on … Continue reading 5 Devastating DELETE Tracks!