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Что такое Musicoin?

Musicoin – это цифровая валюта, созданная для получения вознаграждения за прослушивание музыки. Каждый раз, когда слушатель проигрывает песню в глобальной экосистеме Musicoin, создатель песни получает заработок практически в реальном времени. В то же время это ничего не стоит слушателю. Статья, которую вы читаете, призвана объяснить, как такое возможно и содержит размышления о возможном развитии системы … Continue reading Что такое Musicoin?

What is Musicoin?

Musicoin is a digital currency designed for the compensation and consumption of music. Every time a listener plays a song anywhere in the global Musicoin ecosystem, the song’s creators are paid in near real-time. The listening however, does not cost listeners anything. This article will explain how this is possible and speculate on Musicoin’s possible … Continue reading What is Musicoin?

The Hard Data and Musicoin Pilot Program Report

The Hard Data is an electronic dance music magazine, both print and online, that focuses on several small sub-genres of EDM music. The Musicoin Foundation oversees the maintenance and promotion of a music-focused cryptocurrency called Musicoin. In August of 2017, the two entities endeavored on a pilot program to find out how Musicoin might positively … Continue reading The Hard Data and Musicoin Pilot Program Report

Musicoin Snags Top Hard EDM Artists

Musicoin just increased its lead in the music-blockchain race, as several well-known artists on the harder side of the electronic dance music world made their music available on musicoin.org. Most notably, famed South African drum and bass producers, Counterstrike, made available three of their high-energy, metal-infused epics of rolling percussion. Not far behind in the … Continue reading Musicoin Snags Top Hard EDM Artists

The Musicoin Alliance

The Musicoin Project announces the Musicoin Alliance. The primary goal of the Musicoin Alliance (also known as the $MUSIC Alliance) is to push forward decentralized technology for the music industry regardless of platform. The seven strategic partners include The Hard Data magazine, producer & audio engineer Hank Kalleen, The Polish Ambassador’s Jumpsuit Records, San Francisco’s … Continue reading The Musicoin Alliance