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Artist Interview – Mrotek

American artist Mrotek was born to bring a whole new level of madness to dark and extreme music. Throughout his earlier years, deathcore and progressive metal held his creative focus. In 2009, he redirected his sights to Hardstyle music, drawn by it’s powerful sound and high production value. Twenty years of experience in the creation … Continue reading Artist Interview – Mrotek

Field Report 4: Trauma in Mesa AZ

As my plane touched down on the sun-baked earth of Phoenix, Arizona, a sigh of relief and relaxation overcame my body and mind. Much like a sun-worshipping retiree, I was looking forward to a relaxing night of music and friendship in the warm cleave of the desert. The phone rang. It was Kari. “Hey man, … Continue reading Field Report 4: Trauma in Mesa AZ