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Dyprax & Norphine – Don’t Fear Death [MOHDIGI190]

In the current hardcore world of 4 track releases, remixes from just about everybody who can operate a DAW, and huge compilation releases on a regular basis from various labels, the release of a single track is a seriously bold statement. The label is basically saying “yeah, it’s that good” – and Masters of Hardcore … Continue reading Dyprax & Norphine – Don’t Fear Death [MOHDIGI190]

Angerfist – The Best 5 Tracks?

Coming to you directly from the techno hardcore land, The Netherlands, Danny Masseling, known as Angerfist, is a DJ and producer of hardcore techno and gabber. Known for his unique performing style – hooded sweater and infamous Jason mask – and his eclectic beats, he is, for a number of hardcore fans, the most influent … Continue reading Angerfist – The Best 5 Tracks?

Day-Mar – Luxury – Track Review

There are only a handful of female hardcore producers in the game, but none more vicious and underrated than Day-Mar. Her latest release showcases the most recent experimentation of her sound with both ‘Luxury’ and ‘Sometimes’ running at 196 BPM. Of course, each track has their own feminine touch: the vocals of ‘Luxury’ being the … Continue reading Day-Mar – Luxury – Track Review