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The Making of King of Style

“King of Style” is a techno track that took three decades to make. As many of you know, the track is made from audio and video samples from what is regarded as the first Hip Hop Documentary, Style Wars, a movie that mesmerized me from the day I saw it and echoes in my head … Continue reading The Making of King of Style

Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

It’s kind of weird to interview yourself. But, since my job was to interview as many Hard Electronic artists as possible, and a day went by without one, I figured I should fill the gap, as I’m playing the L.A. show. We basically made a list of stock questions for the artist to answer how … Continue reading Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

DJ Lenny Dee Pre-HE Interview

Lenny Dee, the man who’s been coordinating the Hard Electronic madness and many would say the first hardcore techno DJ, took the time to give us a few tidbits and hints on what we’re going to be hearing at the Hard Electronic parties coming up September 8 and 9. In true THD fashion we managed … Continue reading DJ Lenny Dee Pre-HE Interview

Hard Electronic to Crush East and West Coast

Just when you thought Hurricane Harvey was calming down, a torrential downpour of HARD ELECTRONIC is on its way to the USA’s major metropolitan areas, and the East and West Coasts now brace for impact. If you like your beats tough, distorted and relentless, then September 8, 2017 you need to be in Brooklyn, NY … Continue reading Hard Electronic to Crush East and West Coast

What is Hard Electronic?

“Hard Electronic” is an umbrella musical term that encompasses several electronic dance music genres and sub-genres generated since the early 1990’s from the “rave” subculture of music. In general, the word “hard” refers to a darker, distorted soundscape, and, or, a soundscape which is initially “hard to listen to”, “baroque”, abstract, or complicated.  Examples of … Continue reading What is Hard Electronic?