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Basscon: Wasteland – Event Review

April 28-29 marked the return of Basscon: Wasteland to Southern California. Hard dance enthusiasts had traveled from far and wide for this show; I personally knew people coming from as far as New York, New Jersey and Arizona. Tales of the ancient ruins being uncovered to reveal a hard dance paradise had spread and all … Continue reading Basscon: Wasteland – Event Review

Meanwhile in Qanada – Blackout Festival AB

It was a very exciting weekend in Alberta for the Hardstyle family! The return of Blackout festival by Boodang shocked fans with a star studded lineup, performing in two cities back to back. Union hall in Edmonton and Flames Central in Calgary dressed up in all black (and a little orange) to welcome some truly legendary … Continue reading Meanwhile in Qanada – Blackout Festival AB

MC Sik-Wit-It: The Interview

MC Sik-Wit-It is shaping up to become the future voice of American hardstyle. Having already done songs with international sensations Nightfall, Coone, The Pitcher, Mekanikal and Drone, being an MC isn’t just about the voice, it’s about the message that they can convey to us that we may not be able to convey ourselves. Sik-With-It … Continue reading MC Sik-Wit-It: The Interview

Utah Finally Gets Lucky: A Field Report from the Beehive State

When word started to spread over social media about Utah’s upcoming annual St. Patrick’s themed rave ‘Get Lucky’, the hype surrounding the event was insurmountable. Utah’s sole proprietor of electronic music, V2 Presents, had started to announce the lineup in phases. It wasn’t long after the announcement of the Disciple Tour members Barely Alive, Dodge … Continue reading Utah Finally Gets Lucky: A Field Report from the Beehive State


Word of Hardstyle’s imminent demise was brutally thumped to the ground and drowned in the Pacific last night as 4000+ squeezed into Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium for day 1 of Basscon’s Wasteland. A battery of lasers that would make Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Forces proud, combined with a sound system louder than Thor’s hammer … Continue reading Field Report 8: BASSCON WASTELAND DAY 1