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Strictly for the Head Strong

Dave Asprey should have been a raver. But, back in the early nineties when the rave scene was starting, he was waddling around in a mold-induced, body-and-mind-crippling fog. Neil Strauss, former music writer extraordinaire for the New York Times and Rolling Stone, did make it to a few of those early raves (like Even Furthur … Continue reading Strictly for the Head Strong

Biohack Your Crappy Relationships

You are going to love this article. Neil Strauss gave me that tip during his “Running a Virus Scan on Your Mental Operating System” talk at the Fourth Annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. You want to prepare someone’s mind for a good time, but if you throw a “neg” in there, i.e. like something kind of … Continue reading Biohack Your Crappy Relationships