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The Hard Data & Musicoin Content Program

Following the success of The Hard Data & Musicoin Pilot Program, both entities have decided to extend the content creation aspect of the Pilot Program until at least January 31, 2018. What that means is, between now and January 31st 2018, writers, editors, photographers, artists, proofreaders and other content related jobs will be receiving Musicoin … Continue reading The Hard Data & Musicoin Content Program

Artist Interview – Mekanikal

Mekanikal is one of the fastest rising talents in the North American Hard Dance scene. He began producing music when he was 14 and gravitated towards hardstyle after watching Coone’s video series of the making of his album “The Challenge.” After spending time developing his sound, Mekanikal got his first major break in 2013 with his … Continue reading Artist Interview – Mekanikal

Eni – Interviewed

Eni is a Freestyle DJ from Los Angeles, CA and has played at parties such as Arizr, KTRA LA and Hardstyle Arena, and will be playing at Winterfresh Music Festival on December 3rd. Freestyle is one of the fastest growing genres and is relatively new to the American scene. With Hardstyle and Hardcore getting much … Continue reading Eni – Interviewed

Art of Fighters – The Interview

Straight out of Italy, Art of Fighters have been bringing their particular flavor of hardcore music for nearly 2 decades. The Art of Fighters history began in the year 1997 and their career took off as one of the fastest in the scene. It was the year 2000 and they were just 18 years old … Continue reading Art of Fighters – The Interview