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The Making of King of Style

“King of Style” is a techno track that took three decades to make. As many of you know, the track is made from audio and video samples from what is regarded as the first Hip Hop Documentary, Style Wars, a movie that mesmerized me from the day I saw it and echoes in my head … Continue reading The Making of King of Style

Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

It’s kind of weird to interview yourself. But, since my job was to interview as many Hard Electronic artists as possible, and a day went by without one, I figured I should fill the gap, as I’m playing the L.A. show. We basically made a list of stock questions for the artist to answer how … Continue reading Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

Delta 9 aka Dave Delta pre-HE Interview

It’s about time Delta 9 “graces” the pages of The Hard Data again! You would think that he or his alter-ego “Dave-Delta” would get play here all the time, being that he’s an old school vet still pumping out dope tunes. Well, this error has been corrected and now you get to read the words … Continue reading Delta 9 aka Dave Delta pre-HE Interview

MastaChief Pre-HE Interview

Few can rock the mic to hardcore and hardstyle with authority, but MastaChief is one of them! We managed to catch him in-between scripting his lyrical delights long enough to get the story behind the “Voyce.” Ok Chief, before we go any further, why don’t you tell us a little bit about where you’re from? … Continue reading MastaChief Pre-HE Interview

Satronica Pre-HE Interview

The hardcore poet is back again gracing the interwebs of THD. About to jump the stage at Hard Electronic this weekend, we figured we’d get a little more info about what’s driving the man behind the mic… So for new readers, let’s cover the basics… I live in NYC, which influenced my music as I … Continue reading Satronica Pre-HE Interview