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Da Tweekaz! EXCLUSIVE Interview!!!

This interview is with DaTweekaz! Marcus Nordli and Kenth Kvien!  Interviewers: Deadly Buda and 3MiloE   3MiloE: Okay. Let me ask you a couple questions. Marcus: Yes sir! I’ll be loud! 3MiloE: All right. That’s what I like to hear. 3MiloE: Okay. My name is Milo. (Kenth walks away from the interview for a brief … Continue reading Da Tweekaz! EXCLUSIVE Interview!!!

Download The Hard Data Issue 13!

Download The Hard Data Issue 13, featuring DJ AniMe, The THD Summer Re-Cap, Musicoin and Deadly Buda Comix part 6! Click the link below. Download Issue 13 of The HARD DATA! If you would like a 6 issue subscription to the printed version of The Hard Data for only $6 ($12 worldwide) sign-up here and … Continue reading Download The Hard Data Issue 13!

Gxnnxr Pre-HE interview!

Gxnnxr’s has helped keep the hard dance vibe alive on the East Coast for a few years now. But how many of you know anything about him other than standing in the middle of one of his ripping sets? We got his head out of range of the near-field monitors for a second to get … Continue reading Gxnnxr Pre-HE interview!

На платформе Musicoin размещен первый в мире блокчейн DJ-микс

Каждый раз, когда микс “Rock the Blockchain” (автор диджей Deadly Buda) проигрывается на платформе Musicoin.org, 15 отдельных музыкальных треков в жанре электронной танцевальной музыки, а также их авторы, в течение нескольких секунд автоматически получают оплату. Этот микс был завершен в 2:00 13 августа 2017 года, когда Deadly Buda выполнил интеграцию 19 “смарт-контрактов” на блокчейне Musicoin … Continue reading На платформе Musicoin размещен первый в мире блокчейн DJ-микс

American Gabberfest Retrospective 2017

Thousands of miles separate the concrete jungle from the sweltering west coast heat. Gathered under the high noon of the Las Vegas summer sun, delegates from all over the globe gathered to celebrate hard music as one. Representatives spanning many time zones, countries and genres delivered performances proving that the heart and soul of hardcore … Continue reading American Gabberfest Retrospective 2017