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Download The Hard Data Issue 13!

Download The Hard Data Issue 13, featuring DJ AniMe, The THD Summer Re-Cap, Musicoin and Deadly Buda Comix part 6! Click the link below. Download Issue 13 of The HARD DATA! If you would like a 6 issue subscription to the printed version of The Hard Data for only $6 ($12 worldwide) sign-up here and … Continue reading Download The Hard Data Issue 13!

Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

It’s kind of weird to interview yourself. But, since my job was to interview as many Hard Electronic artists as possible, and a day went by without one, I figured I should fill the gap, as I’m playing the L.A. show. We basically made a list of stock questions for the artist to answer how … Continue reading Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

Even Furthur 2017: A Techno Pagan Ritual for the Ages

Last summer, Drop Bass Network pulled Even Furthur out of the foggy memory banks of the collective conscious of the Midwest, providing a fresh opportunity for newcomers and old-timers to gather together and let their freak flags fly. It was a mad weekend of fresh discoveries and random reunions, all underscored by the inimitable sound … Continue reading Even Furthur 2017: A Techno Pagan Ritual for the Ages

Delta 9 aka Dave Delta pre-HE Interview

It’s about time Delta 9 “graces” the pages of The Hard Data again! You would think that he or his alter-ego “Dave-Delta” would get play here all the time, being that he’s an old school vet still pumping out dope tunes. Well, this error has been corrected and now you get to read the words … Continue reading Delta 9 aka Dave Delta pre-HE Interview

Malke Pre-HE Interview!

Hard Electronic addicts in the USA are in for a treat this month, as Malke brings his musical artistry to New York and Los Angeles. For those of you not familiar with him yet, we were able to get a few words out of him while he was preparing for the shows. Ok Malke, tell … Continue reading Malke Pre-HE Interview!