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World’s First Blockchained DJ Mix Released by Deadly Buda on Musicoin

When DJ Deadly Buda’s “Rock the Blockchain” DJ mix is played on Musicoin.org, fifteen separate electronic dance music tracks and their artists get paid automatically, within seconds. The system that makes this possible was made public at about 2:00 AM, on August 13, 2017, Deadly Buda finalized the integration of 19 “smart contracts” on the … Continue reading World’s First Blockchained DJ Mix Released by Deadly Buda on Musicoin

Initiatory speedcore developments

Since some of the early PCP releases, there has always been an interest in space and the mysteries of life in the hardcore techno underground. Early warehouse parties with simple strobe lights and smoke emulated the atmosphere and elements of a shamanistic ritual by a bonfire. This was perhaps even one of the founding ideas … Continue reading Initiatory speedcore developments

The Mover: Selected Classics Plattenkritik

(Im Original geschrieben von Colby X, übersetzt von Sönke Moehl) Dance Music trat in verschiedenen Phasen in mein Leben. Ich wuchs an der Ostküste in den 80ern auf und Cybotron, Strafe, Run DMC waren frühe ballistische Raketen die mich in der dritten Klasse trafen, als mein Sportlehrer Linoleummatten ausbreitete und versuchte einem Raum voller Vorstadtkinder … Continue reading The Mover: Selected Classics Plattenkritik

My Project Z Experience by 3MiloE

Every time I listen to electronic music, the experience seems new to me. Perhaps maybe it is because electronic music is an ever changing, ever expanding entity. Each genre and style of electronic music having its own sound, with its own social groups, each having their individual cultures. Festivals like Project Z is where all … Continue reading My Project Z Experience by 3MiloE

Project Z Recap

This past Saturday night the much anticipated Project Z returned to the NOS Center for its second annual show. The Joint Basscon and Bassrush show gave bassheads and hardstyle fans an exciting lineup including headliners like Eptic, Borgore, Darren Styles, and a Dj Isaac classic set. I started my Project Z expedition early to avoid … Continue reading Project Z Recap