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EDC BASSCON 2017 – The THD Diaries

It was once again that time of year to head into the desert for America’s largest rave, and most importantly for The Hard Data crew, the largest hard dance lineup of the year in one place. EDC 2017 seemed this year to be “by ravers, for ravers.” Though the attendance this year was not as … Continue reading EDC BASSCON 2017 – The THD Diaries

Basscon: Wasteland – Event Review

April 28-29 marked the return of Basscon: Wasteland to Southern California. Hard dance enthusiasts had traveled from far and wide for this show; I personally knew people coming from as far as New York, New Jersey and Arizona. Tales of the ancient ruins being uncovered to reveal a hard dance paradise had spread and all … Continue reading Basscon: Wasteland – Event Review

Project Z Report

My car hurtled to the Inland Empire Saturday night towards the much anticipated “Project Z”, which promised to be a grand marrying of two of Insomniac’s hardest brands, Basscon and Bassrush. These brands represent their hardstyle, hardcore, drum and bass, and “bass” music as it’s increasingly being called, I guess to obscure the fact what’s … Continue reading Project Z Report

The EDC You Didn’t See

Just when you thought you knew about everything that happened at EDC this year, we bring you the most overlooked, but perhaps most exciting development that happened under everyone’s nose. Fortunately, former Earache USA whirlwind and now ANOMIEdia’s CEO, Jim Welch, was on hand to give us the eyewitness account of what went down. It … Continue reading The EDC You Didn’t See

EDC 2016 Las Vegas – Basscon Wasteland Recap

By Brandon “CabZ” Caballero Follow me on Twitter @BrandonCabZ This year marked the 20-year anniversary of the Electric Daisy Carnival as Insomniac set out for their biggest event of the year in Las Vegas, NV. This was the 4th year that Insomniac’s hard dance label, Basscon would host a stage at EDC. Thus far, we … Continue reading EDC 2016 Las Vegas – Basscon Wasteland Recap