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Da Tweekaz! EXCLUSIVE Interview!!!

This interview is with DaTweekaz! Marcus Nordli and Kenth Kvien!  Interviewers: Deadly Buda and 3MiloE   3MiloE: Okay. Let me ask you a couple questions. Marcus: Yes sir! I’ll be loud! 3MiloE: All right. That’s what I like to hear. 3MiloE: Okay. My name is Milo. (Kenth walks away from the interview for a brief … Continue reading Da Tweekaz! EXCLUSIVE Interview!!!

3MiloE’s Hard Electronic Experience

I arrived on the scene fashionably early, only getting slightly lost on the way to the venue. Parking was amazing, I parked literally across the street from the venue. Upon entry I was patted down for safety. I then proceeded into the venue, quickly overlooking the outside hang out area. When I entered the venue, … Continue reading 3MiloE’s Hard Electronic Experience