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History Of Hamburg Hardcore

Hamburg is a more than 800 year old harbor town in the north of Germany. As such, it was always also a hotspot for a wide range of subcultures, cranks and crooks, rowdy sailors, prostitutes, pirates that found their place in shady pubs, back alleys and similar dark places. I entered Hamburg in 1980 by … Continue reading History Of Hamburg Hardcore

end.user – getting to know one of the Monsters of MashUp.

In two weeks time three colossal talents of the international breakcore scene will begin winding their way across the United States on a whirlwind tour that’s somehow been crammed into the shortest month of the year. The HARD DATA caught up with end.user to get the low down on what you can expect when the … Continue reading end.user – getting to know one of the Monsters of MashUp.

Sadistic interview – Hardcore Techno in Thailand

Sadistic is a hardcore artist, dj and organizer originally from Scotland. His recent releases are an interesting crossover between the psychedelic and more experimental flashcore aesthetics as well as more dancefloor friendly, yet underground, hardcore techno styles. He now lives in Thailand and has started organizing Darkside Thailand hardcore events in Bangkok. To report about … Continue reading Sadistic interview – Hardcore Techno in Thailand

Bombardier – From Violence to Fury

The midwest United States is, for many people, the birthplace of modern electronic music. The area has produced a long line of influential labels, DJs, and producers, as well as playing a key role in developing genres and shaping new directions for future generations to follow. A number of artists have left their mark over … Continue reading Bombardier – From Violence to Fury

Acidcorecrew Interview

Acidcorecrew are a Russian underground hardcore and breakcore crew organizing parties in St. Petersburg and most recently in Moscow. After visiting Acidcorefest.Moscowedition I decided to interview Igor (Shotgun Orchestra) to ask more about the crew and the local scene. Who are the Acidcorecrew and how did Acidcorefest start? ACIDCOREFEST and ACIDCORECREW appeared in 2007-2008 and … Continue reading Acidcorecrew Interview