The Counter-Terrorist Interview: Gabberfest 2016

Living along the plains of the mid-west, The Counter-Terrorist, surprisingly, hasn’t had the struggle of locating the harder genres of electronic music, nor breaking into his local scene with said genres like many westerners (of the US) had imagined when you hear that he’s coming from the state of Wisconsin. Seeing CT live already, I … Continue reading The Counter-Terrorist Interview: Gabberfest 2016

The Raging Hard Roundtable

By Sean Hargrove & Tim Shopp We’re here with the entire Warsong Presents: Raging Hard lineup, and we’re going to dig a little more into these guys minds to see what they’re really about! HD: Zaki! Great to have you here man!  We’re wondering how did you get your DJ/Performance name, what does it mean? … Continue reading The Raging Hard Roundtable

CIK Interview: Gabberfest 2016

This is one of our American artists that hardly needs an introduction. This man has covered ground from the west coast stretching as far as the heart of Gabber home country (Holland), has produced and collaborated alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, and is responsible for the uprising of the Arizona Hardcore … Continue reading CIK Interview: Gabberfest 2016

HellNegative Interview: Gabberfest 2016

Back from the dead, it seems! Anthony Alonso, drum and bass connoisseur from Las Vegas, Nevada, has been out of commission for the last three years taking care of business (literally) only to come back to his beloved scene with the same amount of force and ruthlessness he had when he first departed! HellNegative is … Continue reading HellNegative Interview: Gabberfest 2016

Raging Hard Brings Hardstyle to Baltimore

By Sean Hargrove It’s no secret that the East Coast rave and warehouse scene has been lacking the harder styles lately. As club nights fill with bombastic trap and pretentious deep house, hardcore shows like this years TRAUMA  Tour have been far between and fans of hardcore have had fewer and fewer opportunities to throw … Continue reading Raging Hard Brings Hardstyle to Baltimore

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