D-Ceptor – The Gabberfest 2016 Interview

D-Ceptor is one of the biggest names to represent Germany in the world of hardcore, and now, by the grace of the White Ape, he will be visiting and performing in America for the first time at GABBERFEST: America’s Hardest, day one of the festival! This is one of the most crucial interviews for the … Continue reading D-Ceptor – The Gabberfest 2016 Interview

Kore Hunter Interview: Gabberfest 2016

Kore Hunter is a sappy love story between two already established DJs/producers Richard Riley (KORE) of Arizona and Megan Hunter (HK) of Colorado. Through the unifying powers of hardcore techno, these two found each other and are now combining their forces to further push the boundaries of hardcore and are hoping that they can take … Continue reading Kore Hunter Interview: Gabberfest 2016

Vigor Interview: Gabberfest 2016

Hard work, dedication, agility, persistence, potency, or in other words, VIGOR! He is a native of Los Angeles whose history in the early 90’s shines through in his productions; towering rawstyle combined with jumpstyle and US hard house influences present a new sound and experience that is making this artist’s rise through the hard dance … Continue reading Vigor Interview: Gabberfest 2016

System Malfunction Interview: Gabberfest 2016

We are nearly two weeks away from one of THE biggest hardcore parties of the year! Next up on our #RoadtoGabbermania series of interviews is, in this writer’s opinion, the single most incredible spectacle (and very good friend) that American hardcore has ever been graced with. Providing us with one of the breakfast sets (potentially) … Continue reading System Malfunction Interview: Gabberfest 2016

En3rgy Interview: Gabberfest 2016

Here is a jam packed and raw interview with an artist/promoter/raver/teddy bear that has literally been with hardcore since its uprising in the United States. All of California has witnessed this man’s work in some from or another, and to have this kind of energy grace us at this year’s edition of GABBERFEST: AMERICA’S Hardest … Continue reading En3rgy Interview: Gabberfest 2016

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