Delta 9 aka Dave Delta pre-HE Interview

It’s about time Delta 9 “graces” the pages of The Hard Data again! You would think that he or his alter-ego “Dave-Delta” would get play here all the time, being that he’s an old school vet still pumping out dope tunes. Well, this error has been corrected and now you get to read the words … Continue reading Delta 9 aka Dave Delta pre-HE Interview

MastaChief Pre-HE Interview

Few can rock the mic to hardcore and hardstyle with authority, but MastaChief is one of them! We managed to catch him in-between scripting his lyrical delights long enough to get the story behind the “Voyce.” Ok Chief, before we go any further, why don’t you tell us a little bit about where you’re from? … Continue reading MastaChief Pre-HE Interview

Ontal Pre-HE Interview

Frankly, we knew about as much about these guys as you do right now. But after we got done with interviewing them, we realized why ISR and Kontaminated made sure they were on the bill. Read to be intrigued… Who is Ontal? Ontal consists of Darko Kolar and myself, Boris Brenecki. We are both from … Continue reading Ontal Pre-HE Interview

DJ Delirium Pre-HE Interview

He was stage-diving at raves before it was cool. Or safe. He’s blasted tracks around the globe and September 8 straight to your dome! Ladies and gents, let’s give it up for DJ Delirium! Here’s a little more from the man to make sure you’re in Brooklyn September 8th to hear him throw down… Are … Continue reading DJ Delirium Pre-HE Interview

Gxnnxr Pre-HE interview!

Gxnnxr’s has helped keep the hard dance vibe alive on the East Coast for a few years now. But how many of you know anything about him other than standing in the middle of one of his ripping sets? We got his head out of range of the near-field monitors for a second to get … Continue reading Gxnnxr Pre-HE interview!

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