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My EDC Orlando Experience

My first rave was when I was 16 years old. My brother put on the show at a local fire hall. Both my parents and grandparents attended. My parents probably because they had to, ya know legal reasons and all, and my grandparents and I to show our support. The music was great, with DJ … Continue reading My EDC Orlando Experience

3MiloE’s Escape 2017 Experience!!! Updated Nov. 15, 2017!!!

  Day one  October 30, 2017. Contemplating in a graveyard because I find myself being featured on the television show called “Now and Then” as I will write down in log my first day recalling escape 2017. First foremost I would like to thank insomniac for the opportunity to cover this event and interview DJs. … Continue reading 3MiloE’s Escape 2017 Experience!!! Updated Nov. 15, 2017!!!

3MiloE’s Hard Electronic Experience

I arrived on the scene fashionably early, only getting slightly lost on the way to the venue. Parking was amazing, I parked literally across the street from the venue. Upon entry I was patted down for safety. I then proceeded into the venue, quickly overlooking the outside hang out area. When I entered the venue, … Continue reading 3MiloE’s Hard Electronic Experience

Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

It’s kind of weird to interview yourself. But, since my job was to interview as many Hard Electronic artists as possible, and a day went by without one, I figured I should fill the gap, as I’m playing the L.A. show. We basically made a list of stock questions for the artist to answer how … Continue reading Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

Even Furthur 2017: A Techno Pagan Ritual for the Ages

Last summer, Drop Bass Network pulled Even Furthur out of the foggy memory banks of the collective conscious of the Midwest, providing a fresh opportunity for newcomers and old-timers to gather together and let their freak flags fly. It was a mad weekend of fresh discoveries and random reunions, all underscored by the inimitable sound … Continue reading Even Furthur 2017: A Techno Pagan Ritual for the Ages