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Ron D Core Interview

Captured in this film is an interview with Ron D Core, a hero from the underground hardcore scene. Ron is a DJ, and is known for being a pioneer in the early years of electronic music. This interview gives insight into his personal experiences as a DJ and insight into his style of music. You’ll … Continue reading Ron D Core Interview

Download The Hard Data Issue 13!

Download The Hard Data Issue 13, featuring DJ AniMe, The THD Summer Re-Cap, Musicoin and Deadly Buda Comix part 6! Click the link below. Download Issue 13 of The HARD DATA! If you would like a 6 issue subscription to the printed version of The Hard Data for only $6 ($12 worldwide) sign-up here and … Continue reading Download The Hard Data Issue 13!

Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview

It’s kind of weird to interview yourself. But, since my job was to interview as many Hard Electronic artists as possible, and a day went by without one, I figured I should fill the gap, as I’m playing the L.A. show. We basically made a list of stock questions for the artist to answer how … Continue reading Deadly Buda Pre-HE Interview