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The HARD DATA issue 12! Celebrates 2 years Rocking Ink!

The HARD DATA wants to thank all of our readers, subscribers, contributors, collaborators and conspirators for making it 2 years in print! This issue features Rob GEE, Tim Shopp, and Chris “Devo” laying down knowledge regarding how to throw a rave. Plus! Deadly Buda Rave Comix and Gabberfest Set Time Guide! Available in the Los … Continue reading The HARD DATA issue 12! Celebrates 2 years Rocking Ink!

Da Tweekaz prepare you for Denver’s OVERLOAD Festival

June is going to be a crazy month for Hard Music in the United States. Among the craziness comes the first edition of Overload Festival, Colorado’s biggest Hardstyle party to date. The lineup consists of a wide variety of acts – Code Black, Da Tweekaz, LNY TNZ, Gammer & Noisecontrollers will be taking over Denver … Continue reading Da Tweekaz prepare you for Denver’s OVERLOAD Festival

What is Hard Electronic?

“Hard Electronic” is an umbrella musical term that encompasses several electronic dance music genres and sub-genres generated since the early 1990’s from the “rave” subculture of music. In general, the word “hard” refers to a darker, distorted soundscape, and, or, a soundscape which is initially “hard to listen to”, “baroque”, abstract, or complicated.  Examples of … Continue reading What is Hard Electronic?

Basscon: Wasteland – Event Review

April 28-29 marked the return of Basscon: Wasteland to Southern California. Hard dance enthusiasts had traveled from far and wide for this show; I personally knew people coming from as far as New York, New Jersey and Arizona. Tales of the ancient ruins being uncovered to reveal a hard dance paradise had spread and all … Continue reading Basscon: Wasteland – Event Review

Psycore – Cross-subcultural hybrids

Psytrance and hardcore techno are 2 distinct electronic music tribes. Psytrance is typically characterized by psychedelia brought by morphing sounds that make your mind float above the clouds, while the main element in hardcore is an energetic, grounding and distorted kick drum which vibrates through the whole body at a fast pace. The peaceful neo-hippies … Continue reading Psycore – Cross-subcultural hybrids