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The Making of King of Style

“King of Style” is a techno track that took three decades to make. As many of you know, the track is made from audio and video samples from what is regarded as the first Hip Hop Documentary, Style Wars, a movie that mesmerized me from the day I saw it and echoes in my head … Continue reading The Making of King of Style

The Hard Data & Musicoin Content Program

Following the success of The Hard Data & Musicoin Pilot Program, both entities have decided to extend the content creation aspect of the Pilot Program until at least January 31, 2018. What that means is, between now and January 31st 2018, writers, editors, photographers, artists, proofreaders and other content related jobs will be receiving Musicoin … Continue reading The Hard Data & Musicoin Content Program

Ron D Core Interview

Captured in this film is an interview with Ron D Core, a hero from the underground hardcore scene. Ron is a DJ, and is known for being a pioneer in the early years of electronic music. This interview gives insight into his personal experiences as a DJ and insight into his style of music. You’ll … Continue reading Ron D Core Interview