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I'm a musician and live act (Teknoaidi), dj (Avaruusveli), event organizer and netlabel manager (Kovaydin.NET) residing in Tampere, Finland. I have been contributing to the underground core scene and network both locally and globally since 2003. My articles, interviews and track and event reviews on THD are about the diverse hardcore techno underground, my special interests being in the psychedelic and experimental sounds and I hope to expose more people to these sounds and vibes with my articles. I also try to raise awareness of the global core underground by writing about local scenes in places that have smaller, yet interesting, scenes going on. These texts come from my own experiences playing and travelling in various countries as well as the experiences by the scene actives I interview. Before starting to contribute to THD, I used to run a webzine called Bass Distortion Zine, which is now defunct. I'm also working on my own website , which is to be opened later. Shamancore is about merging old wisdom of high tempo music, used in healing shaking/dancing, with the possibilities that new technologies and music like hardcore techno and speedcore bring us.

Initiatory speedcore developments

Since some of the early PCP releases, there has always been an interest in space and the mysteries of life in the hardcore techno underground. Early warehouse parties with simple strobe lights and smoke emulated the atmosphere and elements of a shamanistic ritual by a bonfire. This was perhaps even one of the founding ideas … Continue reading Initiatory speedcore developments

Psycore – Cross-subcultural hybrids

Psytrance and hardcore techno are 2 distinct electronic music tribes. Psytrance is typically characterized by psychedelia brought by morphing sounds that make your mind float above the clouds, while the main element in hardcore is an energetic, grounding and distorted kick drum which vibrates through the whole body at a fast pace. The peaceful neo-hippies … Continue reading Psycore – Cross-subcultural hybrids

Sadistic interview – Hardcore Techno in Thailand

Sadistic is a hardcore artist, dj and organizer originally from Scotland. His recent releases are an interesting crossover between the psychedelic and more experimental flashcore aesthetics as well as more dancefloor friendly, yet underground, hardcore techno styles. He now lives in Thailand and has started organizing Darkside Thailand hardcore events in Bangkok. To report about … Continue reading Sadistic interview – Hardcore Techno in Thailand

Sadistic – Another 30 Minutes Of Sonic Power [CSRDIGI010] – track review

2017 starts out nicely as Sadistic’s digital EP Another 30 Minutes Of Sonic Power is released on Canadian Speedcore Resistance! It’s a sequel to his 25 Minutes of Sonic Power, which came out on CSR 2 years earlier. Sadistic’s previous works, as well as CSR’s latest releases, have gone by unnoticed for me so far … Continue reading Sadistic – Another 30 Minutes Of Sonic Power [CSRDIGI010] – track review

Acidcorecrew Interview

Acidcorecrew are a Russian underground hardcore and breakcore crew organizing parties in St. Petersburg and most recently in Moscow. After visiting Acidcorefest.Moscowedition I decided to interview Igor (Shotgun Orchestra) to ask more about the crew and the local scene. Who are the Acidcorecrew and how did Acidcorefest start? ACIDCOREFEST and ACIDCORECREW appeared in 2007-2008 and … Continue reading Acidcorecrew Interview