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Ron D Core Interview

Captured in this film is an interview with Ron D Core, a hero from the underground hardcore scene. Ron is a DJ, and is known for being a pioneer in the early years of electronic music. This interview gives insight into his personal experiences as a DJ and insight into his style of music. You’ll … Continue reading Ron D Core Interview

3MiloE’s Hard Electronic Experience

I arrived on the scene fashionably early, only getting slightly lost on the way to the venue. Parking was amazing, I parked literally across the street from the venue. Upon entry I was patted down for safety. I then proceeded into the venue, quickly overlooking the outside hang out area. When I entered the venue, … Continue reading 3MiloE’s Hard Electronic Experience

My Hostile Takeover Experience by 3MiloE

The thing one has to realize about riddim and dubstep is that the crowd loves to get wild and aggressive, but due to the hard, raw nature of sounds of the genres, who can blame them for being so intense? Its hard to contain one’s self when these styles are blaring through enormous speakers accompanied … Continue reading My Hostile Takeover Experience by 3MiloE