E-Force Enters 2018 With A Bang

When you hear the words “Raw Hardstyle”, E-Force is a name that certainly comes to mind. This legendary Dutch Hardstyle producer has taken his career past many milestones, including a solo album, bookings on some of the biggest festivals in Europe, and en extensive personalized merchandise line. E-Force is one of the true pioneers of Raw Hardstyle, even landing the prestigious award of having the top Hardstyle track in the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 in 2014. We spoke with him about his plans for 2018 and beyond!

 THD: Thanks for speaking to us! Many of our readers are already familiar with E-Force.

E-Force: Hey guys, thanks for taking time to do this interview with me!

THD: Can you tell us how you have evolved over the years, and what the difference is between the old E-Force, and the new?

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E-Force: That’s a good first question, haha! I think there has been a big growth in music quality the last years. I’m always trying to keep the “E-Force roots” in my music, but always trying to evolve that. I also moved my studio to the Scantraxx office, into Wildstylez’ old studio. It has amazing acoustics. Before that, I just had a studio in one of the rooms in my house – my productions definitely improved in the new one . My management and the people working at Scantraxx are of course also there, so the whole vibe in the studio and the office is good inspiration for me.

THD: What do you think is needed for Hard Music to take off in America? How would you like to contribute?

E-Force: I expected that it would be bigger now than it actually is. In 2012 everyone expected that I think. Unfortunately it didn’t work out the way everyone hoped for, but I hope I can contribute in it. I think it’s important that all artists apply for a VISA, although it’s really difficult to get one. I hope all artists who have the option to go there also go for it, so we can build the scene bigger together!

THD: Where do you think it will go from here?
 You touched on some different elements of Hard Music, such as Schranz and Hardcore in the new style you have created. Can you tell us more about this?

E-Force: Like I said, I’m always trying to evolve my sound with my roots sounds combines. Especially on my album I had the chance to do everything I like, a bit more euphoric, but also things like Schranz and Hardcore indeed. When you’re just doing single releases it’s a bit difficult to do this, but on an album you can go for “the edge”.

THD: Can you tell us a bit about your new line of merchandise? How does it stand out?

E-Force: My merchandise was a part of the album campaign, and it turned out amazing. It’s really nice to have a new branding style, and to translate that in an album artwork, but also in merchandise. As you all know we’ve launched the new icon logo about one year ago, and this icon was the main focus on the merchandise. All merchandise was sold out very fast, and on events I see people walking around with a lot and that’s really cool to see!

THD: Could you please tell us about the 2017 edit of “Seven”?

E-Force: This is just an edit I made for fun. I still love to play Seven every time, because the response on the track always stays very good. I made this edit to play at Rebirth festival for the first time, where I was doing a special live set. The response on the edit was crazy. I prefer to play this new 2017 edit now instead of the original mix.

THD: We heard you had quite the private party at Cloud 9 Studios. Could you tell us about this event, and what Cloud 9 Studios is?

E-Force: You heard that correctly Cloud 9 Music is my music publisher, and they have a very cool studio inside their office. You really don’t expect that when you see the office from outside haha. It’s a very small club for like 150 people, and Cloud 9 offered me the opportunity to use this club for a small, invite only, party. It was such a cool night, because all my dedicated fans were there and it’s nice to be in a small area, so you also have the chance to speak with the fans one on one.

THD: What is the plan for 2018? Any big stuff inbound? Thanks for talking to us we really appreciate it!

E-Force: Expect a lot of new stuff coming your way! Working my ass off in the studio now, and really trying to my music to a new level again, and experimenting / searching for new cool elements. Thanks for your time, and see you in 2018 during my first USA gigs!

Check out Hardstyle.com’s E-Force Store here!

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