Da Tweekaz! EXCLUSIVE Interview!!!

This interview is with DaTweekaz! Marcus Nordli and Kenth Kvien! 

Interviewers: Deadly Buda and 3MiloE


3MiloE: Okay. Let me ask you a couple questions.

RTB Musicoin leader

Marcus: Yes sir! I’ll be loud!

3MiloE: All right. That’s what I like to hear.

3MiloE: Okay. My name is Milo.

(Kenth walks away from the interview for a brief moment)

Marcus: Sorry. Just me, the other guy walked away. We’re done here! All right. sorry, sorry. Yes, your name is Milo.

3MiloE: Yes. Milo. I’m a writer and promoter for the Hard Data magazine, and we’d like to ask you some questions.

Marcus: We are always open.

3MiloE: Where are you from, and what’s the music scene like where you’re from?

Marcus: Okay, we’re both from Norway. Born and raised in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The Hardstyle scene in Norway is pretty non-existent. There’s one promoter, and he does his best, he makes a party called Hardstyle DNA and we made the anthem in 2010. I think that was the first anthem we ever did. It’s small, but it’s super dedicated, is all I can say.

Kenth: Everybody is super excited, every time we come over. They even talk English to us because they don’t even know we’re from Norway. Because they think Tweekaz in an international brand, international name. Every time we’re there, everybody is very humble and they know all the songs. Not that many people, but it’s still growing. Kind of like here, except you’ve got more bands over here.

DeadlyBuda: Wait, how’d you get discovered in Norway? How’d you end up in Holland? What the hell happened?

Kenth: When we started off, we had no connections to Holland, for example, where Hardstyle was booming back in 2008. We started off just listening to stuff on YouTube and we were like, “Wow, this is really cool Hardstyle. It is Definitely something that we want to do.” So, we started making music, and we got signed to an Italian label at the beginning of 2007 or 2008, probably in 2008. Then, in the end of 2009, we got contacted from a promoter from Belgium through a website called Party Flock. You guys heard of it?

3MiloE: Yes.

DeadlyBuda: Yeah.

Kenth: It’s a big dutch website where you can check up on where you can go party, pretty much, and it’s a big forum. We got contacted through a promoter from Belgium and he said, “Hey guys, I’ve heard about you already and I want to put you on my label called Dirty Workz, and want to book you for Bassleader, like all the Belgium parties.”

(Then all of a sudden Coone shows up. and comes in on the interview!)

Coone: Are you doing an interview?

Marcus: Yeah.

Marcus: This is Coone, by the way.

(Marcus graciously interviews the DJ known as Coone)

Coone: No. I did the interview already

(Coone referring to the interview we had done earlier that night)

DeadlyBuda: Is this a new collaboration here.

Kenth: He wants to do it but we’ll see if-

Marcus: We’ll see if he’s good enough for us.

(everyone laughs)

Kenth:Anyway, so we got contacted by this Belgium promoter, and we ended up having a little talk and he came to Norway and we partied for a weekend. Pretty much at the end of the weekend, he told us, “Welcome Dirty Workz,” and that’s where the whole journey started.

Marcus: I got to say, because Dirty Workz is Family, they don’t sign just anybody, they sign people who they think will fit.

DeadlyBuda: So, you have to get drunk with them ….

Marcus: Not necessarily. (laughs) I think we’re an exclusive for that. But, Dirty Works is a gimmick, it’s a brand, it’s about a gimmick, it’s a brand, and we all represent the same thing; happiness, family, love, unite, same as here. Here in America it’s PLUR , in Belgium, Holland we present unity, family, real friends. When we do Dirty Workz, nights in Belgium and Holland, we’re all on stage having fun, showing respect and love for each other. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what Dirty Workz is all about.

3MiloE: That is awesome. What animal best personifies your music and why?

Marcus: What animal best personas our music? I would say a bunny. It’s cute, it’s fluffy, but it fornicates like a motherfucker, meaning it spreads like wildfire. And it’s jumping up around like crazy!

Kenth: That’s pretty accurate.

Marcus: Yeah, it is. Yeah, bunny.

DeadlyBuda: So, you’re mutual on this? You both say bunny.

Kenth: Yeah, I’m pretty cool with that.

3MiloE: That’s great. What are you trying to convey with your music?

Kenth: When we go on stage, all we want to see is happy faces. We want everyone to have a good time. When we sit in the studio, we pretty much brainstorm, how can we make the crowd have a good time? We want to bring as much energy, as much party feeling, as much joy and fun as we do making the music into the vibe of the party. That’s the best we can describe it.

DeadlyBuda: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you when you were mingling in the crowd?

Kenth: I signed a potato.

Marcus: But, we brought the potato. We brought this bag of potatoes

Joel: In other words, you were signing your own potato.

Kenth: No. I signed an onion too.

Marcus: You didn’t bring the onion.

Kenth: No. I know I signed an onion. Got a lot of those weird penis grabs (laughs)

Marcus: Penis grabs. I’ve signed a moon. We’re talking like, you know … because I’m balding as well, so I’m admitting it. I’ve signed a moon, I’ve signed butts … Weirdest things.

Kenth: Potatoes and the onions.

Marcus: Potatoes and onions. Signing potatoes and onions is not a normal thing.

DeadlyBuda: No, it’s not-

Marcus: But we do it.

DeadlyBuda: What country was that?

Marcus: Australia.

Kenth: And Sydney.

Marcus: The year later we brought bananas. Now, we ate bananas on stages. It’s actually potassium, we need potassium to stay awake. It’s good.

3MiloE: What moments do you cherish the most in your careers so far as DJs?

Marcus: To be honest, going on stage and playing our songs, and to see people smile happy singing along. We’ve had people cry when they meet us. We’re just some regular guys having fun, go in the crowd, we get drunk, we party just like the crowd. But, to see the mutual respect, the happiness that we bring. There was a terrorist attack in Norway in 2010 … ’11?

Kenth: ’11.

Marcus: ’11. We wanted to dedicate out set to them. We made a song called B …

Kenth: Become.

Marcus: Become, the whole track is about how the world is evolving and what we’ve become in the world. We play this track in Norway, and a lot of the victims’ friends were in the crowd. They were crying and I was crying on stage, and I will never ever forget that. I’m I had sunglasses on because they couldn’t see I was crying, but tears were just running down. I couldn’t stop. I’m getting emotional talking about it.

Kenth: I just want to add one thing. What makes this job so precious is when you get messages or you meet fans that they’re in a really rough patch in their life, and they’ve considered ending everything. They say that our music has helped them get through some of their toughest times and that is so touching. Because we’re just sitting in the studio having fun, making music, and we don’t really realize how big of an impact our music has on certain individuals. And it’s …

Marcus: It’s unreal.

Kenth: It’s unreal and it’s so heartwarming to hear people like that.

Marcus: To hear that we save lives, we save souls with having fun, and spreading the joyness, the happiness, it’s unreal.

Kenth: Yes.

Marcus: It’s incredible.


3MiloE: Wow. That question was amazing. So, where do you see yourselves in a year from now?

Kenth: In a year from now, we’re hopefully going to have a little break. We’re going to be chilling on the beaches of Hawaii.

Marcus: But, we won’t because it’s 10 years Tweekaz. So, we’re actually aiming for a big year next year. I’ll probably be bald because of all the stress. I’ll be bald in Hawaii, okay, let’s just say that.

Kenth: I guess they want us to be sipping on mai thais in Hawaii, hopefully, but that’s not going to be story in the end.

Marcus: wer’e going to have a Luau

3MiloE: That’s great. Awesome. Well, thank you guys so much.

Kenth: We should ask them if there’s anything they want to say. Is there anything in particular-

3MiloE: Is there anything you’d like to say?

Marcus: To the US fans.

Joel: Anything. Something we didn’t ask or something you just wanted to say that you haven’t-

Kenth: Sure. Well, the thing is, like Marcus just said that we’re going to be celebrating 10 years of our career next year. So, you better be on the fucking look out for Da Tweekaz because we’re bringing shows, and we’re not talking ordinary shows, we’re talking specific special shows to every single country that we love playing in. So, we’re going to be bringing Tweekacore, and we’re going to be bringing one hell of a fun show, right?

Marcus: And some Jagger.

Kenth: And some Jaggermeister. So, be on the look out because Da Tweekaz are not one, we’re not retiring, we’re not going anywhere.

Marcus: Sometimes I wish we did but-

Kenth: No, we’re still here and we’re going to keep on rocking till we hit the grave

Marcus: Yeah. And we’ll do some special contest next year as well. Some special meet and greet, some special giveaways, so be aware.

3MiloE: Can I join?

Marcus: Yeah, of course.

Marcus Nordli with 3MiloE

Kenth: You may.

3MiloE: All right. Thank you!



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