Cik Interview

Where are you from?

Have been living in Phoenix, Arizona for the last 25 years.  These days, the music scene is either super-big EDM festivals or club shows, with the occasional rave.

Cik at Ground Zero 2010How did you come up with your DJ Name?

I used to have a big habit of describing something cool as “sick. There was already a company called Sik Graphics, so I changed the spelling.

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What animal best personifies your music and why?

A Liger. Because you’re just jealous I sit at home and talk to babes on the Internet all day.

What are you trying to convey with your music?  

About nine out of 10 times, it’s a reaction to life or situations in life.  Could be a message I’m trying to get across, could be a straight-up obscure jab at someone.  I am trying to communicate my feelings without being verbal.

Can you describe the feeling you get when you’re on stage?

I zone out and get lost in the music.

What moment do you cherish the most so far in your career as a DJ/artist or musician?


Playing Ground Zero 2010 after Ruffneck and Enzyme X, and before Delta-9. I was this kid from AZ that most haven’t heard of, but I rose to the occasion and played one of the best sets in my career. I was even paid an extra bonus in payment because I did so well.

What was the first song or album that you remember listening too?

Industrial Strength — “Industrial Strength”

What are your major influences?

Leloo Dallas , Hugh Hefner (RIP), stroopwafels, coffee, food, and Redtube.

Affiliations: Industrial Strength/AZHC/Insane/SFU

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