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Mindcontroller Track Reviews

Cover - noizeNoize Suppressor Ft. Angerfist – Back with the Hard Street Sh*t

This is an absolute smasher!! What else can you expect from two of the biggest players in the Hardcore scene… This track is all of what good in hardcore.  In my opinion this is the top track on the Legacy of Noize album CD 1, followed by Appetite for destruction and The Outside Agency remix of The return of Bikes drum.  CD 2 is filled with all the classics including Pole postion, Nobody likes, and Bassdrum B*tch to name a few.  SO TELL ME HOW THE F*CK DO WE FEEL… TO GET HIT WITH THE MUTHA F*CKING REAL!!

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Cover, mdLinkin Park – One Step Closer (DJ Mad Dog Bootleg)

RTB Musicoin leader

I thought this review would be fitting giving the recent death of Chester Charles Bennington.  Despite your thoughts on the incident you should enjoy the musical legacy which Chester is leaving behind… One Step Closer is no exception and when you throw in DJ Mad Dog the combination is nothing short of magical. This has gone off every time I’ve dropped it and sadly will even more so now with Chester’s passing.

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Cover - JBJavi Boss – Get F*cked

The newest EP titled Impact available now on the Masters of Hardcore label.  My favorite of the two is Get Fu*ked.  It’s a hard hitting track with a great melody and catchy samples… Simply what you come to expect from Javi Boss. The second track titled God of War features MC Diesel and is full of energy…. definitely worth checking out.

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Cover - thorThorax – Policy of Evil

Dark melodies, female choir vocals, dark male voice overs, and hard hitting distorted kicks!  All the good stuff we’ve come to expect from Thorax.  This is Thorax’s first release on the Master’s of Hardcore label.  His previous label Thorax Productions was barely on its third installment before getting picked up by MOH.,. That’s a massive accomplishment!  I honestly cannot get enough of Thorax’s style.  WELCOME TO HELL!!

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Cover - fightMindcontroller – Fight!

Free release by yours truly!  This song was inspired by what is being dubbed as the fight of the century.  I was watching the press conference and thought to myself, wow! This would be great to sample and use for a Hardcore track!  Doesn’t matter if you’re on Mayweather’s or McGregor’s team I think you will enjoy this track.  Check it out!

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Cover -thrThe Stunned Guys and DJ Paul – Thrillseeka (Wild Motherfuckers remix)

Technically this is a Rawstyle remix of a classic Hardcore track, but if you like building up a Hardcore set as I do this will flow perfectly into the mix.  There’s not much to say other than this is a wicked update of a classic.  Get while it’s hot, you won’t regret it.  Thrillseeka!… put your hands against the Godd*mned speaker!!!

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Thorax – Doom of Humanity

I was so excited when I saw an email in my inbox from Mr. Julian, Thorax himself!!  He had graced me with a copy of his latest and greatest!  In true Thorax fashion this track is a hard hitting dark and aggressive track!  A must for your collection and number four on Thorax Productions.  ANYONE ELSE WANT SOME?

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Cover - CryoCryogenic – First Rebirth

This was kindly shared with me by the homie CIK… Although this is an older track I feel it deserves the exposure.  This is a killer rework of the 1993 classic by Jones & Stephenson.  This track is truly ageless… I remember dropping the original on my debut mix tape release on Biohazard “Hyperdelic”.  There has been other awesome renditions throughout the years and this is no exception.  I got to say this the fastest one yet… but it works.  Make sure to check out this 200 BPM monster!!

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