Dyprax & Norphine – Don’t Fear Death [MOHDIGI190]

In the current hardcore world of 4 track releases, remixes from just about everybody who can operate a DAW, and huge compilation releases on a regular basis from various labels, the release of a single track is a seriously bold statement. The label is basically saying “yeah, it’s that good” – and Masters of Hardcore follows through with a seriously banging, one track, mainstream release from Dyprax and Norphine titled “Don’t Fear Death”. The kick has an absolutely wonderful texture of a hard nose coupled with cymbals and a fat bass tail with thick distortion without being too over the top in the mids and highs. I for sure caught myself head-nodding to the flow of the kick. To sum it up, it just sounds and feels right. The break is ethereal and pad heavy which supports the “death is a saint” vocal sample but doesn’t feel over done and drawn out. It gets to the point and comes back to the track with synths filtering in and a short build. The melody is definitely catchy and drives the rest of the track, again without being overly long and drawn out, to give way to pads which fill the musical spectrum the rest of the way – well done in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to find this track in any of my sets or mixes and I’d seriously consider giving it a purchase if you’re more into mainstream hardcore. I wasn’t able to find it on Juno Download but you can find it at Hard Tunes.


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