Made in Qanada: Crisis Era

With Basscon Wasteland fast approaching, the hype is getting real! The massive announcement dropped by Insomniac is sure to attract the Hardstyle family from near and far to California, eager to celebrate a two day festival with such heavyweight names.
From up north, representing the rapidly growing Canadian hard scene, we have Crisis Era. Matt and Silas are a duo of producers from Vancouver that have been mobilizing the Hardstyle crowd in North America since 2012. They are signed to Brennan Heart‘s label, WE R, and have played in almost every massive Hardstyle event in the past couple years. I can tell you one thing, those guys know how to throw down!


Following their success in Belgium’s DayDream Festival, the guys are ready to step it up and destroy 3 stages in what’s gonna be one EPIC weekend for them. Starting on the 27th at Hardfest Festival in the Netherlands, flying to The USA straight to the Wasteland on the 28th and finishing in Dallas for Hardismystyle on the 29th.

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What can you expect from them? With tracks like Moshpit, Turn me on, Party up,  featuring names like Code Black, Audiofreq, and more, you can count on a high energy performance full of dance floor bangers; where they plan to premier their first full EP. Their versatility and fun personalities have made a lot of unique collaborations possible, such as their new track with Gammer that was dropped on their recent visit to Edmonton, with the Kutski‘s “Keeping the Rave Alive Neon nation tour“; where they made a really strong impression with the local crowd. On their first time in the City of Champions, Crisis Era managed to make it such a memorable night, everyone in Alberta took over their live chat with fans (which lasted about 10 hours) the following Sunday to let the guys know how much everyone appreciated that party, and were looking forward to everything they had coming up. Such as a new mix series where they are looking to experiment with different genres to showcase their range, and starting a merchandise line that will be initially available at their shows, and online in the near future.



If you want a taste of their music and really unique sense of humour listen to their guest appearance on KTRA, and their Hard Island mix. Both feature original tracks, and some strong remixes, such as their banging version of Kaskade’s Disarm you, and their one of a kind takes on Get your freak on, called Come on, and Radiohead’s Creep.
If you’re into snapchat comedy, they’re usually posting really creative, hilarious skits, plus an inside look at their creative process and hectic tour schedule.
Be sure to catch their set at Basscon, or whenever you get a chance. They will for sure Make-Make-Make it POP.

You can follow them on Snapchat at CrisisEra, on Facebook HERE, or Instagram for more original content and upcoming songs and events.

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