DJ AniMe at Exodus 2017

DJ AniMe Top 10 February 2017

The Hard Data recently asked me to share my current top 10 tracks with hardcore fans in the USA. These are the tracks I can’t wait to play and have been getting the best response on the dance floors. Most of these are available now or will be soon, so “track” them down as soon as you can! 🙂

10 – Tears of Fury feat. Tawar – Mechanical

Dogfight Hardcore Volume 1
Dogfight Hardcore Volume 1

A mix of catchy melody, epic vocal and deep sentiment straight out of this new Italian artist. A typical mainstream sound, which is really missing nowadays. This track is available on the album Dogfight Hardcore Volume 1. It’s available on iTunes.

9 – Broken Minds feat. Diesel – We control your minds

RTB Musicoin leader

This is the sound of 2 new talented producers from Spain with the voice of Diesel! A ’black’ piano riff followed by a fitting manner of cool Broken Minds’ kickdrum! A must have. Get it on Amazon or iTunes.

8 – Dogfight Clan – Dogfight Hardcore

The first collaboration between me, Mad Dog, Noize Suppressor and Unexist! Huge kick drum, obscure melody, you can hear all our different music personalities in this track. Dogfight Clan is ready to attack! It’s available on iTunes.

7 – AniMe – Fear the Dogfight

Melodic and aggressive at the same time, the track I play to boost my dj sets, everyone loves it! Check it out on Amazon, or on iTunes.

6 – Unexist – Kings never dies

A solid tune! Love the contrast between the strong kick drums and the mystic female vocal. Don’t miss the release, this week on Dogfight Records.

5 – AniMe – Liar

Out soon on Dogfight Records. Bringing back the rude sound of A-Bomb and Hardcore Machine. Already played by many big artists, this track works very well on the dance floor.

4 – Ignite – Sulfure

Ignite is the great duo revelation of 2016! Their style is dark and potent! Can’t wait to hear more from these 2 guys. Here’s the iTunes link, and this is the Amazon.

3 – Noize Suppressor – Bouncing in the ghetto

Something unexpected from Noize Suppressor. Fresh sounds and a beautiful vocal, this track fits perfectly in every dj set! Get it on iTunes or at Amazon.

2 – DJ Mad Dog – Dogfight

Huge track, emotional and powerful at the same time. Definitely a big hit! Get it on iTunes, or Amazon.

1 – AniMe feat. Nolz – Superior Hardcore (Exodus 2017 Official Anthem)

It represents the result of months of preparation. With the massive voice of Nolz, it is an energetic sequence of aggressive kick drum, kick rolls and mind-blowing melody, all dressed with badass lyrics.

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