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About five months ago Dave Revan shared a video of this guy, playing “Ready to Rage” in a beautiful black piano, rocking a bandana and a defqon hat. Since then I’ve started my mornings scrolling my feed, anxiously waiting to see which classic The Pianist is going to tackle next. Seems like his music library and love for Hardstyle, are as big as his talent and improvisation skills. Jisk Lieftink, The Hardstyle Pianist, has been sky rocketing into the spotlight, after getting noticed and recognized by heavy names like Angerfist, Wildstylez, Ran-D, recently collaborating with Andy Svge on a track that is surely going to be a melodic master piece.

The versatility of his style and unique sound, transforms every melody into an instant classic. Ranging from Headhunterz Lessons of love to Gunz for Hire Plata o Plomo, Jisk isn’t afraid to cover the whole spectrum of the harder styles, adding his own spin to it all. Around Christmas time he recorded music video, for what he says was his favourite track from 2016, Wildstylez Encore; and enlisted the talented Judith Vander Klip to accompany him on her violin. The perfect chemistry between them, calm lighting and gorgeous set, makes you gain appreciation of the beautifully crafted melody, that sometimes may fall second to the power of the beat.

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Growing up in the 80s, at the birth of electronic music, one thing we got tired of hearing was “it’s not even music, there’s no instruments”. Stripping the tracks of all the “computer sounds” (as my father would call it) and showcasing it with such grace while still displaying the strength behind it, it’s why I can’t get enough of his YouTube channel. His views count sky rocketed from 2 to 58k when Angerfirst shared his Mashup piano cover and requested him a track, which is coming very soon.


He was also a guest at the legendary Freqshow and managed to silence a sold out Ziggo dome to perform Audiotricz Inception, making grown men weep in the crowd. Kicking off the new year with Villain on stage of the biggest Hardstyle party of the NYE! His delivery of emotions through his beloved keys is so on point, I dare you to watch the video bellow and not get goosebumps more than once.

This was my way going into a new year, together with the Hardstyle Pianist 💣#TeamVillain for #Hardstyle

Posted by Villain on Tuesday, January 24, 2017


So what’s next for The Hardstyle pianist? He’s currently looking for management (so if you’re into gold mines, you’re welcome). And he has so much going on with offers coming from everywhere, he’s taking it one day at a time, planning his next steps. He is planning to perform at Defqon in June. And his goal is to create his own act for Dance events which would allow him to travel and perform at festivals around the globe. He’s also recording an album in the near future that will feature a lot of his, and crowd favourites, since he receives thousands of requests every day. As a fan, I’m very excited to see him grow while he continues to surprise me with new covers almost daily. If you follow his Facebook and YouTube channel he will become your new addiction, as he is already mine.

By Leti Lopez

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  1. It’s very exciting to hear new and fresh sounds, especially in a music scene where it is easy to get lost in the mix. I have always loved classical music, especially piano so to hear my favourite songs covered so beautifully is a treat for the ears and soul! Thank you for sharing this Leti!

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