Meanwhile in Qanada – Blackout Festival AB

It was a very exciting weekend in Alberta for the Hardstyle family! The return of Blackout festival by Boodang shocked fans with a star studded lineup, performing in two cities back to back. Union hall in Edmonton and Flames Central in Calgary dressed up in all black (and a little orange) to welcome some truly legendary names and celebrate the harder styles.

Friday night at Union Hall started off showcasing some local talent, with Pandamonium warming up the decks for what was gonna be one of the most heated nights I can remember. First headliner hitting the stage was Lady Faith. The sexy Hardstyle diva herself delivered a high energy hour full of bangers, setting the tone for what was coming up. I couldn’t help but fan girl a little bit, she’s much more gorgeous in person, and such a sweetheart!

When Audiofreq took the stage, I was expecting to hear a lot of tracks from his new album, Audiology. And THANK SAM he didn’t disappoint. His set was loaded with classics and new beats, featuring a lot of his new tracks and closing his performance with Audio God (my personal favourite from his album). It was an earth-shattering brutal hardcore banger that left me wired up and soooooooo ready for the final act of that night.

Celebrating 15 years of being True Hardstyle Legends, Tuneboy and Technoboy, “TNT” were ready to bring the house down. And DID THEY EVER! Listening to their repertoire makes you realize how much these men have contributed-and still do, to the rich history of our scene. The crowd couldn’t stop singing along to every track, and the energy continued to build up throughout the show. Nobody wanted to go home! I had the privilege of standing behind them through their set, and got to appreciate their old school style of mixing with CDs. No pre recorded bullshit for the kings of Hardstyle! Watching them flip through their folders looking for the next track was so fun and exciting. The way they feed of each other’s energy on stage, joking around and kicking each other’s butt between songs, shows how unique and timeless their friendship and partnership is. May they continue to bless us with their talent and banging beats for as long as they shall live, PLEASE!

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Photo Credit – CYK Media

After the night was done, all four of the headliners were happy to stay and meet fans, take a million pictures and sign a million flags. Always with a big smile and showing appreciation for everyone that was there to celebrate them. Which, as a fan, always means the world to me. So once again THANK YOU for taking the time to show us how much we mean to you.

A Hardstyle fan once said, if you’re not hurting the next day, you didn’t go hard enough. But we couldn’t afford the luxury of a recovery day, because we had to be up for the drive to Calgary for the biggest show of the year. Another triple headliner, this time Atmozfears, Brennan Heart, and Coone. That’s any Hardstyle lovers wet dream right there, and it was happening Saturday night at Flames Central; or as Brennan Heart called it “The theatre of Hardstyle”  

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Photo Credit – Brennan Heart’s Facebook

It was my first time at that venue, so I was very impressed when I saw the size of it, and being a sold out show, it was expected to get rowdy. With Atmozfears euphoric style, it wasn’t long until we were all sweating, bearing huge smiles on our faces. Even though he played for an hour and ten minutes, it felt like five minutes to me. Maybe because I was so excited to finally see him again, time flies when you’re having fun. And that we did!

The highlight of the night, for me, was Brennan Heart. The IAMHARDSTYLE king never lets me down. Absolutely incredible set, all our favourite sing alongs, new music, collabs with everyone, different styles, and incredible energy. The man knows how to make the crowd lose their shit every five minutes, and he’s not afraid to do it. I will for ever front row every one of his shows anytime he’s here, because no one delivers a high energy experience more than he does.

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Brennan Heart at Flames Central – Photo Credit: Shane Moseley

Just when you thought you couldn’t keep going any harder, Coone came out, celebrating Ten years with Dirty Workz, and utterly destroyed Flames. The crowd went insane track after track. I saw a few people crying when he told us he wanted to play us a song about his daughter, and everyone was singing along to Faye. It was a very emotional end to a weekend every Hardstyle fan in Alberta will remember for ever.

Coone at Flames Central – Photo Credit Josh Murray photography

The drive home back to Edmonton was pretty quiet, and two days later we’re still hurting. Couldn’t be happier to say, we gave this weekend our all and we can’t wait to do it again.

Leti Lopez.

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2 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Qanada – Blackout Festival AB”

  1. Your article TOTALLY me wish I could have came a day earlier from Winnipeg and hit EDMonton! But really I was more than satisfied with the triple headliner of Atmozfears, Brennan Heart 😍 And Coone!!
    Boodang throws the best shows, uberly impressed I will be making WAY more trips out west now 🙌🏻

  2. Oh my God Leti, I legit could hear your voice in my head and could feel your love and energy through this article. You couldn’t have said it better. All the feels that makes me relive the night in my head. It was such an amazing experience and I pray that more of our favourite Hardstyle DJ and producers continue to grace us with their amazing talents! <3

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